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Why I applied for AI Guild Accreditation

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by Dr. Tristan Behrens, Senior expert for Deep Learning, AI Guru

The AI Guild has accredited my as a leading expert for Deep Learning. My accreditation spanned several weeks. It was an intense experience. Now that I have my certificate in my hands, it is clear that AI Guild accreditation makes sense. I have assessed other candidates for accreditation. So I know the process from both sides.

AI Implementation and Quality Assurance

We are in the implementation phase. Artificial intelligence is applied widely. Everyone is talking about the topic, and the amount of successful use cases speaks for itself. We also live in an age where many professions are expanding their overlap with the subject. Nevertheless, a quality standard is missing so far. The AI Guild defines that standard.

Accreditation is a very well-defined process from application to successful accreditation. I find that the process is comprehensive. Candidates agree to flesh out their competency profile in all the essential dimensions. Evidence must include advanced technical competence, successful application to business, quality of work, ethical decision-making, and a demonstrated contribution to the profession.

Extensive Evaluation of Professional Expertise

The submitted documents form the basis of an extensive evaluation. The interview validates your competency in detail — or else leads to the rejection of the accreditation. This interview is crucial in determining the necessary seniority.

As an applicant, I have noticed that preparing the required documents (text, audio, or video) takes time and energy. It’s not every day that you find yourself in a situation where you have to pour your skills and creations into a concrete form. The effort was worth it. I think I speak for all candidates that the candidate learns and grows in the formulation of the competency profile. And of course, the documents are artifacts that you can then talk to and about with other people.

Reviewing Applicants for Accreditation

As a reviewer, I’ve seen that the documents submitted are lovely for an initial assessment. You get a picture of experience, skills, goals, and character. You build a solid foundation for the expert interview.

As an applicant in the interview, I realized that the general standard is very high. The reviewers do their job accurately and are rigorous to a reasonable degree. And I noticed reviewers pouring much heart into their work, which speaks to the quality of the AI Guild.

As a reviewer in the interview, I saw that the three-way interview always fleshes out any candidate’s competency level. An interview is very intensive, and in the end, determines whether the person is accredited.

Dr. Tristan Behrens, Accredited leader

Tristan Behrens

Dr. Tristan Behrens’ expertise and technical competency in Deep Learning are outstanding, especially in multi-agent systems. We commend Tristan Behrens for the business value and impact he creates by his teaching and mentoring activities, promoting AI adoption and awareness in society.

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