AI Guild accreditation

The quality standard companies and regulators can trust

by Dr. Irena Bojarovska, Zalando

When we set up the AI Guild, I learned from conversations with fellow practitioners that we faced similar challenges in a new profession.

Professional value of accreditation

From sharing frustrations and challenges, the AI Guild has developed solutions like the AI Guild Accreditation. It is modeled on quality standards for the chartered professional or examined specialists such as accountants, architects, doctors, engineers, or lawyers.

I did a lot of the background research for the AI Guild. There are plenty of certificates, but we were looking for something broader and more significant, a quality standard that companies and regulators can trust, creating value for professionals. Important to me is that the standard requires ethical behavior and algorithms.

Accreditation experience

After setting the competency standard, I joined the first cohort of leading specialists to test the accreditation standard and process. I had mixed feelings from “Great opportunity!” to “Oh, what if I am not good enough?” only to settle on “it’s worth trying!”

It was a great experience. I got some direct benefits even before hearing the result, such as

Quality assurance by the AI Guild

I have joined quite a few communities, but none before triggered this great, pleasant feeling like the AI Guild. It is a community of excellent experts and professionals and is very friendly, respectful, and joyful. I am a proud member and always happy to take partake in the opportunities.

The first accreditation round was as critical as possible for every single step — to improve the process. As a candidate, my submission was evaluated by leading experts in detail across 13 competency standards. Then I was interview rigorously in a pleasant atmosphere with a vivid discussion.

Indeed, we have made adjustments to strengthen the quality standard further while providing a transparent outcome. As a reviewer, I have evaluated two submissions. Now I look forward to reviewing the submissions of other leading professionals.

Dr. Irena Bojarovska, Accredited Leader

Irena Bojarovska

Dr. Irena Bojarovska has been indispensable to setting the quality standard. Based on her expertise and insight, the AI Guild piloted the accreditation scheme. Irena is recognized by her peers as performing to the highest quality standard. She is accepted as a leader combining outstanding technical skills with great people skills.

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