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Hiring: NLP Data Engineer (Senior m/f/d) at bilby.ai

Remote, start any time from February to May 2022.

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4 min readFeb 2, 2022


You are a cloud-native engineer looking for a new challenge. How would you like the following?

You architect and build a game-changing infrastructure for an NLP-based product, reporting to the CTO. You design the bilby.ai data core from the ground up. As a data engineer, you have worked on a product in deployment, coding clean and fast.

Bilby.ai creates automated policy analysis of highly centralized emerging markets in Asia. If that sounds intriguing, please look at the data-role below. We have described your responsibilities and outlined the impact you will have. The data-role description was developed jointly by the AI Guild and bilby.ai and authorized by the CTO, Stephen Enright-Ward.

Hiring: NLP Data Engineering role at bilby.ai

Salary: EUR 65–80k, depending on experience.

Equity: Negotiable

Location: Remote

The successful candidate will work remotely, but commit to regular communication hours with HQ in Hong Kong (UTC +8).

If you like what you see, you can leave your details already, and we will get back to you within seven days.

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Next, some more detail.

  • Let’s focus on the essentials of your data role.
  • Great context by showing who you will be working with: CTO Stephen Enright Ward and Machine Learning engineer David Lee
  • A fast and easy application process, especially if you are clear about your competencies in Data Engineering and NLP.

The new role: Senior data engineer

Prior engineering on a cloud platform is a must, and so is NLP know-how.

To be a Senior Data Engineer at bilby.ai, deep expertise is required in data engineering on the cloud (preferably GCP) and prior exposure to NLP. In other words, you can’t learn it on the job.

You likely have handled a variety of data types. At bilby.ai, your focus is on documents and NLP pipelines. The details you learn on the job because your responsibility is to architect the data core from the ground up. You lead on the data architecture.

What opportunities does this data role hold for you?

  1. Bring all your expertise to bear on the task at hand: Design from the ground up.
  2. Have an impact by implementing solutions that make the product successful with the customer, demonstrating your capability for high-quality innovation.
  3. You are broadening your portfolio (e.g., cloud architecture, data engineering, NLP pipelines) to advance your career rapidly.

The CTO of bilby.ai: Stephen Enright-Ward

Stephen is the NLP expert. Since 2013, he has been a lead engineer three times. His experience is commercial: He designed solutions for customer-product fit and growth.

You will be working for a CTO with expert knowledge on NLP and product, who still is a hands-on engineer. While you lead on the architecture and the data engineering, you can rely on him for guidance and feedback on its usability for product development and NLP model quality.

The bilby.ai CTO Stephen Enright-Ward

How to read Stephen’s competency profile in conjunction with your role?

  1. He has prior experience with the type of customer bilby.ai has, i.e., the high-value customer.
  2. His hands-on expertise in Machine Learning and NLP is invaluable for the task at hand.
  3. Together, you build a clear vision of the desired end-to-end solution.

Stephen has been CTO since August 2021, and the progress achieved in the past months allows him to onboard you rapidly and effectively.

The ML engineer: David Lee

David’s focus is on iterating ML models from prototype to production. He has a good understanding of data pipelines and cloud platforms.

You will be working with an ML engineer supporting you in implementing the data core and providing feedback on its performance for prototyping and deployment.

The bilby.ai ML engineer David Lee

What does David’s competency profile mean?

  1. He has intimate knowledge of Machine Learning at bilby.ai and can support you in implementing the data core.
  2. Together, for bilby.ai, you monitor pipeline and model quality.

If you think this role is for you, please leave your details, and we will get back to you within seven days.

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