AI Guild accreditation

by Dr. Irena Bojarovska, Zalando

  • No established university education;
  • Little developed career paths;
  • Unclear role descriptions and divisions;
  • Limited understanding by management.

Professional value of accreditation

AI Guild Accreditation

by Dr. Darina Goldin, Bayes Esports

Increasing professionalization


To all AI Guild members and shareowners

  • #datalift with a focus on deploying use cases to advance AI adoption; and
  • #datacareer with an emphasis on establishing accreditation as the quality standard in the…

AI Guild #datacareer

Cutting search time and cost for a 1st and 2nd data role in the industry and startups

  • 2 reports from the interviews with European AI leaders Dr. Peter Heise (Airbus) and Dr. François Sillion (Uber ATCP)
  • 10 data analytics and machine learning use cases in production as presented by AI Guild members

Let’s revisit

The mission and values of the AI Guild

Dear AI Guild members

Open letter

To all AI Guild members and shareowners

AI Guild

Publications of the AI Guild and members of the AI Guild

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